Our Story




Hello! We're Jordan and Layce Hoefer, owners of Lake Pleasant Ranch. We are the fourth generation of Hoefers to live, farm and raise livestock in Lake Pleasant Township in northern Minnesota. We specialize in raising 100% lifetime grass-fed commercial British White and registered White Galloway cattle.


Now more than ever, consumers want to be aware of where their food is coming from and how it's raised. That’s why our philosophy does not include taking animals to the feedlot. When you purchase beef from Lake Pleasant Ranch you can feel secure in knowing exactly where that food is sourced from and who the people are that raised it. We can't feed the world. But, we want to feed like-minded people, who care about the way animals are raised, and how that affects the environment and our own health.

The cattle raised at Lake Pleasant Ranch are the closest you can get to being a free ranging animal. Cattle are natural foragers and bovines have evolved to be harvesters of grasses. Cattle will encounter grains in nature, but in very small amounts. Through best animal husbandry practices we are raising beef the way nature intended. The most natural way.

If you feel like we do and want grass-finished beef in Minnesota, which is humanely raised in a low stress environment, we’d love to talk.

Contact us to learn more about how you can purchase beef from Lake Pleasant Ranch.