we are sold out of beef boxes! Boxes will be back in stock in mid/late october

ground beef is still available! $4.50 per pound (10lb minimum)

our Beef boxes are back in stock!

Each box will have;

  • a variety of steaks (ribeye, T-bone, sirloin, tenderized round steak) that come 2 steaks to a package

  • a variety of roasts (arm, chuck, rump, sirloin tip, brisket)

  • 1/3lb hamburger patties (4 to a package)

  • 1lb packages of ground beef

Small box: 12.5lbs $85 Sold Out

Medium box: 25lbs $165 Sold Out

Large box: 50lbs $315 Sold Out

The boxes will vary a bit, but we make them equally valued. We have a limited quantity of boxes available.

We also have soup bones, liver and heart available for $2.50 per package

Interested in just ground beef? We can do that too! We have 1lb packages available for $4.50 per lb (10lb minimum please)

Purchasing beef in large quantities

Quarters, half and whole animals will be available in September 2019. Let us know if you’re interested and we can add you to the waiting list! *Only two quarters left!

Beef is available for purchase by the quarter, half and whole animal. The beef is locally processed in an inspected facility. As a customer of the meat locker you have the option of how you would like to receive the final products. We charge $600 per quarter ($500 for the beef and $100 for processing)

They’ll customize your order such as:

  • how many steaks

  • tenderized round steaks

  • soup bones

  • size of beef roast

  • how much hamburger

  • hamburger packaged in 1 lb, 1.5 lb, 2 lbs, etc.

How much meat do you get from a whole animal?

On average, a 1,000 lb finished animal will hang after being butchered at around 610 lbs. and yield 430 pounds of retail cuts and ground beef. The quarters will vary, but typically, you’ll get around 100lbs of beef-50lbs of cuts (roasts/steaks) and 50lbs of ground beef per quarter.

How much does MN grass-fed beef cost?

You can expect to pay a certain percentage above what retail beef is in the store. But, because you are buying the animal (and not individual packages), on the whole the price of your beef will be less expensive. A quarter of grass-fed beef in Minnesota is well below the national average.

Contact us at to learn more about buying beef from Lake Pleasant Ranch.